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Omega is a forward-thinking end of life charity supporting the bereaved, caring families looking after someone with life-limiting or terminal illness, and people aged over 75. We believe that caring is everyone’s business. Many of the people we help are in crisis, are lonely, and may have become socially isolated. Some of our clients, including the frail-elderly, are themselves near end of life. Read More >>


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Omega's work

  • Supporting caring families, particularly those looking after people with life-limiting or long-term health conditions.

  • Supporting former caregivers, the bereaved and the lonely, the socially isolated and the frail-elderly.

  • Undertaking outreach activity to identify those in need of support.

  • Helping to raise standards in end of life care.

  • Collating and sharing information and resources.

  • Collaborating with other organisations to improve quality of end of life care in the community.

The Omega approach

We help clients to address personal priorities and tackle problems linked to bereavement and life limiting illness. We collate and share information and resources. We encourage self-help and peer-support. We share coping skills and provide one-to-one support.

Our clients often find it hard to get the help they need. Skilful outreach activity and collaboration are an essential part of our work. We have a proven track record reaching unpaid family caregivers who have not previously accessed the limited support available to them.

Typically, our beneficiaries face three key problems:

  • Poor health

  • Social isolation

  • Poverty

We test and adopt efficient, cost-effective delivery models, and rely upon a mix of experienced, high calibre volunteers - including many who are professionally qualified - who work alongside paid staff employed upon a part-time or sessional basis.

Please read award winning BBC journalist Jessica Labhart’s article Who cares for the carer when they're bereaved? The article, which features Omega care for life clients and Omega Bereavement Programme facilitator Jane Hunt, demonstrates the importance of supporting family caregivers through and beyond their caring role.

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