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Working collaboratively to help older family caregivers and bereaved clients to stay connected and enjoy greater choice.

Omega is a small but passionate end of life charity based in Shrewsbury and working across the UK, with a strong presence in the West Midlands. We work hard to raise standards in end of life care by supporting caregivers looking after someone with a terminal illness, people who are themselves end of life, and those who have been bereaved. We prioritise those over 75 and still caring or bereaved.

Over the last decade, we found that loneliness and social isolation were all too prevalent for caregivers, the bereaved and the elderly, and were a major cause of the low level wellbeing that we were seeing. In 2012, we launched our now multi-award-winning telephone befriending service, Chatterbox Action Against Loneliness Programme, as a way to tackle loneliness.

Our other services include our popular A Letter from Louise Pen Pal Service, the Omega Bereavement Programme, a network of support groups, and Delphinium, our new not-for-profit companionship and dedicated support service.

Since our inception, we have helped over 4000 clients and now support well over 400 clients annually. However, we want to do more. The majority of our clients are hidden within communities; lonely and socially isolated, they often can't access the help they need (even if there is support available). It is our mission to uncover this hidden need.

We are expanding our team of colleagues and volunteers, creating more community connections and increasing our outreach. If you would like to volunteer with us, or find out more about how our services could help someone you know, do get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you.

Our Approach

We believe there is a lot of benefit from peer support.  That's why we offer telephone befriending and support groups.  Connecting with people who really understand what you're going through is incredibly powerful  Our work also helps clients to build coping skills and strengthen their resilience to enable a more optimistic and empowered approach to their lives.  In addition to group support, we do offer more intensive one-to-one support where appropriate.

We are a community-focused organisation and as such undertake outreach activity to discover hidden need within communities, collaborate with other organisations (such as GPs, churches and third sector groups), and collate and share important and useful information.

Our work has been featured in the Shropshire Star, the Liverpool Echo, the Southern Daily Echo, on BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Radio Solent, and the BBC website.

We deliver the following programmes and activities:



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Chatterbox Action Against Loneliness Programme Client Leaflet

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A Letter from Louise Pen Pal Service Client Leaflet and Application Form

A Letter form Louise Pen Pal Service Pen Pal Leaflet and Application Form

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