Announcing the new Omega Youth Forum

Omega is excited to announce its newest volunteering venture: the Omega Youth Forum!

Aimed at 16-18 year olds, the Omega Youth Forum will offer the opportunity for young people to learn about, discuss, and debate some of the key aspects of Omega’s provision. Founded by Hannah Fry and Henry Maybury, the first OYF will look at how Omega can reach more people who desperately need help, and what Omega and the OYF can do to build relationships with harder to reach groups across the West Midlands. Membership of the OYF will give young people the opportunity to actively make a difference to some of the most vulnerable and isolated individuals in our community. They will be able to learn a great deal about social care provision by the third sector, and hopefully derive a lot of enjoyment along the way. We also hope that members of the OYF will be able to use their experience with the OYF as a steppingstone to further volunteering opportunities, including Omega’s other voluntary programmes.

Hannah Fry, co-founder of the OYF and Volunteer Co-ordinator, said of the Forum: ‘We are extremely excited to see six weeks of hard work and lively discussion come to fruition in this unique opportunity for young people. Volunteering is very much at the heart of everything Omega does, and to be able to introduce the Forum to the already thriving voluntary community, and to welcome a new group of volunteers through our (virtual) doors, is a moment of great pride for Henry and me. We are very much looking forward to our first meeting!’

The young people involved in OYF will help us develop and test an effective model over the next 6 weeks. The OYF will get off to a flying start with three guided sessions to discuss topics such as: the effects of loneliness and isolation in the over 75s; the place of third sector organisations in social care provision; the brilliant work Omega already does in the West Midlands.

Membership of the OYF launch programme is already almost at full capacity, but if you know someone aged 16-18 who might be able to make a contribution please get in touch at / 01743 245 088.

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