We invite you to support Omega

Supporting families coping with end of life issues is hard work and involves time and money. If you believe that caring is everyone’s business we invite you to help us. We want to do more for the people we serve. Your donation can make this possible.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and resulting social distancing measures have caused many to feel lonely and socially isolated.  For those who were already experiencing these things, life has become even harder.  Please consider donating to our appeal either via SMS text message or through our donate buttons below.  Thank you.

Regular donation                         One off donation

Regular donation                                             One-off donation

  • £5 could contribute towards the cost of postage for an A Letter from Louise client for 6 months.

  • £10 could pay for one Chatterbox call to a lonely client.

  • £25 could contribute towards the induction training for one volunteer Chatterbox Befriender.

You can also conveniently make a regular commitment by setting up a standing order or buying a subscription to the Omega Lottery from as little as £12 per year (entitling you to one entry in each monthly draw).

We encourage you to tell us which programme or which local area you would like your donation to benefit. If you are in a position to help you can do so by making a corporate investment, a personal donation, a bequest or by providing a gift in kind, organising a fundraising event or donating some of your valuable time.

If you are in a position to make a donation, whether large or small, we thank in advance for your kindness. All online donations are acknowledged and a written receipt is released in respect of individual donations of £5 or more.

Donating to Omega

Omega is seeking personal donations, fundraising partners, and sponsorship from successful businesses to support our work. You can help Omega by:

Your donations will contribute to the running of support groups and social events for unpaid carers, former carers and the bereaved. Please specify if you would like your donation to go towards the Omega MND iPad Appeal.

Donate by cheque

Download a Gift Aid donation form and return it with your cheque to our freepost address. Please make your cheque payable to "Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care".

Donate by debit / credit card

Click the yellow button below to make a card donation via PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to do this, but we recommend that you set one up. It's free and more of your donation will go to Omega by reducing handling fees.



Regular donations

Please consider making a regular monthly payment. This can help Omega in many ways. You can make a regular donation from as little £2 a month. We’re a small charity. Small amounts can make a difference to us. If you're in a position to do so, please help us to reach more people who need extra support. 

* Omega, the National Association for End of Life Care needs to raise funds for this and for other charitable purposes.
Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme, operating as DONATE, a charity registered in England and Wales (1149800) and Scotland (SC045106). In addition to any text donation, you will incur your standard network message charge (based on your service provider rates). For Terms & Conditions, see

Giving Is Good For You by Natalie Baker

Making a donation is a popular way to support a worthwhile cause: we donate, or volunteer our valuable time, because we want to help make a difference.  A side effect of giving is that the act of giving also benefits the giver! Donating can make us feel happy. In fact, we have more positive feelings when we give money to others than when we spend it on ourselves (Norton, M., et al., 2008). When we donate, the brain areas associated with pleasure and social attachment are activated resulting in a warm, happy feeling (Moll, J., et al., 2006).

When a person gives to charity (however altruistic their intentions are) they are likely to benefit too. Giving can make you happy, improve self-esteem, benefit your health, and can inspire other people to follow your example. The measurable health benefits associated with donating are thought to be linked to higher self-esteem and reduced stress. Oman (1999) compared statistics of older people who volunteered with those of older people who didn’t volunteer over five-year years, and found that amongst volunteers there was a 44% lower mortality rate.

Generosity inspires generosity. When one person gives, others are more likely to do the same (Fowler and Christakis, 2010). Charitable behaviour therefore has the potential to inspire others and start a ripple of similar behaviour throughout a community. When we donate to a charity, we become involved. It was our donation that made work possible – we’re connected. We promote social connectivity too when we volunteer, because whenever we give, our generosity is likely to be reciprocated (Simpson, B., et al., 2008). These powerful exchanges, which make us feel valued by others and part of a network, are crucial for our mental wellbeing.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation to Omega to help others and enjoy the positive energy of giving. If you would like to consider becoming directly involved in Omega activity, please visit our volunteer page or get in touch to discuss how we might work together in other ways. Please dip your toe in the Omega water and help us make waves. We thank you in anticipation of your kindness.

Thank You

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