End of Life

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Agewell is a Social Enterprise, delivering a range of services to support older people to live well in Sandwell. Dementia support for people with a new diagnosis of dementia or other memory problems and support for carers. The service includes one to one home visits and support groups that run 3 times a week. Groups are for age 18 plus and welcome people living with dementia, their carers and family, where they can enjoy time together and receive peer support from other carers and dementia trained Agewell staff. The groups feature a whole range of meaningful activities, speakers, presentations and refreshments. For more information, call one of the Dementia Navigators on 01217 969 333 or email info@agewelluk.org.uk

10 Tips for Vigiling and Establishing Sacred Presence

Reclaim Grace and Dignity for Your Dying Loved One; factsheet by Megory Anderson, produced for www.SacredDying.org

Befriending Death

Book by James Woodward. Written for those who embrace the realities of death and those who stand in the presence of death, this book can be used alone or with others. Practical exercises and questions for reflection are contained within each chapter to help the reader understand the life that prepares us for death.

A better life: valuing our later years

Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, rounding up JRF's A Better Life programme of work and presenting a vision of what life can, and should, be like for all of us as we get older.

Bill's Story

Inspirational Youtube video on the subject of community support for the dying.

A Book of the Dead

Book by Gerhard Reisch. The issue of coming to terms with death and dying is one with which many people struggle today. This book is intended to serve those who wish to face the difficulties of this threshold and will be of immense help, if the time is taken to live with and reflect upon the verses and images, allowing them to reveal their inner meaning.

Camden & Islington Palliative Care Centre

Multi-disciplinary palliative care team providing care for all people with pain and symptoms, and for all those facing death and bereavement. Medical and nursing care at home, advice on assistance with self-care and independence, advice on all aspects of nutrition, financial and social problems, support for partners, friends and family.

Compassion in Dying

National charity supporting people at the end of life to have what they consider to be a good death by providing advice and information around their rights and choices. Leading provider of free Advance Decisions in the UK and also conducts and reviews research around rights and choices in end-of-life care.

Coping with the News

Advice from Macmillan Cancer Support. Hearing that you may be reaching the end of your life can be very difficult. You may know that your illness is progressing, but it can still be a shock to know you may not have long to live. You may feel strong emotions and may find it hard to think clearly. You may want to be alone, or with close family or friends. People close to you will also be feeling shocked and upset. As time passes, these emotions usually lessen.

Create Peace and Dignity at the End of Life

Article by Monica Williams-Murphy MD on the divide between what we want for end of life and what we actually receive, in terms of our surroundings and wishes.

Deadman Writing

Book by Jonathan Charles Wilson.

Down To Earth Project

Supporting people on low incomes to plan affordable funerals; free advice and support to prevent funeral debt for bereaved, dying or older people and their families.

Dying Into Love

Explorations of death and spirituality, primarily focussed on video blogs.

Dying to Know - Bringing Death to Life

Book by Andrew Anastasios. Confronts the taboos associated with death; subjects covered include planning a personalised funeral; ways to help people who are terminally ill; making an emotional will; organ donation; creating online memorials; opening the conversation with children; things to do before you die; and a host of other topics. ISBN 978-1-74066-553-7

Dying Matters

Raising awareness of dying, death and bereavement. The Dying Matters Coalition encourages people to talk about their wishes towards the end of their lives, including where they want to die and their funeral plans with friends, family and loved ones. This website will help you start those conversations. Talking about dying makes it more likely that you, or your loved one, will die as you might have wished and it will make it easier for your loved ones if they know you have had a ‘good death’.

Dying Well - A Holistic Guide for the Dying and their Carers

Book by Richard Reoch. This guide shows how openness, advance planning and the use of complementary therapies can benefit dying people. It gives an emphasis on herbal remedies, flower essences, exercises and massage techniques, all chosen under the direct supervision of authors and teachers in these fields.


Globally-run information resource featuring news, commentary and analysis from the world of hospice, palliative and end of life care. Aimed at anyone with a professional or personal interest in palliative care, ehospice offers a single point of access to intelligence and good practice from around the world, with the aim of helping to improve patient care globally. It brings together the expertise and experience of the global hospice and palliative care community.

Face to Face with Cancer: Comfort and Practical Advice for Sufferers and Carers

Book by Marion Stroud

Facing Death: Patients, Families and Professionals

Book by Averil Stedeford.

Final Fling

One-stop-shop for end of life planning. Offers spirited, bold, pragmatic and creative approaches to delicate and often difficult subjects. Features pages on making a Will, funeral planning and tips on coping with loss.

Help the Hospices

UK charity for hospice care. If you are a patient, carer or have an interest in hospice and palliative care explore this site for information, support or to get involved.

How to find the right care home

Independent Age web resource


Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that most often starts in the covering of the lungs (pleural mesothelioma) but can also start in the abdomen (peritoneal mesothelioma). Here is information on symptoms and causes (including asbestos), tests and scans to diagnose mesothelioma, treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and current research. Information on living with mesothelioma includes coping with your diagnosis, and managing when you have advanced disease.

Michael Parkinson Fights for Dignity in Care Homes

Article by Martin Beckford, The Telegraph. Elderly people are being treated like inmates in prison by uncaring nurses, Sir Michael Parkinson has claimed, as he promotes a drive to ensure patients live with dignity and respect in hospitals and care homes.

More to death

Free online magazine published by the Natural Death Centre; contains stories around losing a loved one - and how people have coped afterwards - and some very useful information about the practicalities around funerals.

The Natural Death Centre

Charity offering help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you.

Natural Death Handbook

Book by Stephanie Weinrich. Advises on all matters relating to death and dying, and in particular aims to increase awareness of environmentally friendly funeral choices.

NHS Islington - Life Force

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of paediatric specialist nurses, respite nursery nurses, play specialist / youth worker, psychologists and a toy loan co-ordinator.

One Chance to get it Right

This document has been developed by the Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People (LACDP), which was established following an independent review of the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP). The LACDP is a coalition of 21 national organisations that was set up to lead and provide a focus for improving the care of people who are dying and their families.

Poems and Readings for Funerals

Book by Julia Watson

Prepare for a good end of life

Thinking about death is frightening, but planning ahead is practical and leaves more room for peace of mind in our final days. In a solemn, thoughtful talk, Judy MacDonald Johnston shares 5 practices for planning for a good end of life. Source: www.ted.com, May 2013.

Rosetta Live Channel

Rosetta Life is a group of film makers, dancers, writers and musicians who initiate creative partnerships with people living with life-threatening illness, families, carers and friends, to address what most matters and share it with a wider audience. This Youtube channel features videos themed around life-limiting illness.

The Secret C: Straight Talking about Cancer

Book by Julie Stokes. Helps adults explain and support children struggling to understand the diagnosis of cancer in a family.

The Silver Line

Free 24-hour confidential helpline for older people (call 0800 4 70 80 90).

Sir Michael Parkinson on the Lack of Dignity in Care for the Elderly

BBC Radio extract, The Today Programme, 12th January 2012, 0820. Parkinson - the government's National Dignity Ambassador - talks about visiting care homes and hospitals around the country, observing good and bad practice.

UK Comes Top on End of Life Care

Report by BBC News. UK identified as having one of the best systems for end of life care in a study by Economist Intelligence Unit.

Visions, Trips And Crowded Rooms: Who and What You See Before You Die

Book by David Kessler. Explores the experience of dying, which readers have found comforting and hopeful.

We need to talk About the Funeral

Book by Morrell and Smith. Practical guide to arranging the funeral you want.

What Dying People Want

Book by David Kuhl. Addresses issues of pain and fear and enhancing end of life.

What Happens When You Die?

Article by Dr Robert Lanza

What is Death?

Article by Dr Robert Lanza

Losing a Child: Explorations in Grief

This book gives an understanding of how grieving for a child can affect every member of the family, and the relationships between the surviving members. It goes on to explain the different types of support available and how they can be accessed. Written by Linda Hurcombe ISBN 10: 0859698866

The Empty Room - Understanding Sibling Loss

Ted is Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn's older brother, best friend, and the "ringmaster of her days." On a September morning when she is six, she wakes up and Ted is gone. Her parents explain that he went to the hospital for a while. Written by Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn ISBN 10 0743201523

Facing Grief - Bereavement and the Young Adult

This frank, sensible and compassionate book examines in detail the particular needs and experiences of young adults, many of whom will be taking on fresh responsibilities, buying their own homes and starting families. Written by Susan Wallbank ISBN 10 - 0718828070