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Adzuna is a search engine for job ads that lists every job, everywhere. There mission is to be the best place to start looking for a job.

Beating the recruitment machines

"Many of the biggest companies in the world are using software to recruit their workforce, so how can you beat the odds in the most competitive job market in history?" Article by Michael Millar, Business reporter, BBC News, November 9th 2012.

Four steps to getting that job

As the latest UK unemployment figures come out, BBC News asks four experts for their tips for prospective job-hunters.They give their advice on how to approach that all-important job interview - from what you wear to how you can use body language to impress your potential future boss.

How to write a successful CV before applying for a job

A good curriculum vitae - or CV - is vital when looking for work, especially when there are numerous candidates for the same job, so what should it contain? There is no perfect template, and each sector may require a different emphasis on a different aspect of the content, such as career history or qualifications.However, experts suggest there are some basic rules on how a CV should be written and the information that should be included.

Landau: Support to find sustainable employment

Landau is a supported employment and work-related training organisation that aims to provide people with learning disabilities or long-term health issues, the long-term unemployed and young people, with the skills and support they need to find sustainable employment.


Search thousands of vacancies and access resources to help you in your search.

The never-ending search for work

The latest unemployment figures show that, despite a drop in the number of people out of work, many people are still looking for a job. But what's surprising is that there are hundreds of thousands of job vacancies.

The young and the restless

Young people were among the hardest hit by the global recession, and youth unemployment will continue to be a risk factor for social and political instability worldwide, writes Jonathan Wood, of business risk consultancy Control Risks.

Turning your hobby into a business

For Alice Barrow and Tom Green, starting their own business was a natural next step.

A family business, they began making candles as a sideline, mixing the different colours, scents and waxes at home, and then selling the results in their spare time.

Women and Work (all party parliamentary group) - Women Returners Annual Report 2016

Theresa May used her first speech as Prime Minister to highlight the differences in earning power between women and men, and to vow to fight against this “burning injustice”. This built on the work of the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, who introduced measures “to eradicate gender inequality in the workplace and remove barriers to women’s success”, including a commitment to “end the gender pay gap in a generation”.

Young workers: 'Never forget your dreams'

Although millions of young people globally are searching desperately for a job there are many who have bucked the unemployment trend and have successfully taken their first step on the career ladder. As part of a series of features about youth unemployment around the world, we asked you to tell us your stories of how you got your break in these tough circumstances, and what advice you'd give to others still searching.