Fundraising Events

Donating to Omega

If you would like to donate to Omega, you can find out how by visiting our Donate page.

Because Omega receives its money mostly through donations and support of others it also looks to fundraising events to raise money to support its cause.

Donate to us through Wonderful.orgDonate by

Wonderful is a great way to both fundraise for Omega and to make donations we well.  We receive 100% of every donation. Wonderful deduct nothing at all for providing this service because all their operating costs are covered separately by their wonderfully generous Corporate Sponsors.  Please consider giving your consent to enable us to claim Gift Aid to boost your donation.   


Donate to us through BT MyDonateDonate by BT MyDonate

Please consider making a donation online. We are always very grateful for your generous help. Donations can quickly make a big impact. You can now make an online donation to Omega with MyDonate. MyDonate is a secure, fast and easy-to-use service from BT. MyDonate will pass on every penny of your donation to Omega. Help us to reach more people who need extra support and when gifting larger sums please consider giving your consent to enable us to claim Gift Aid to boost your donation. Please either select a preset amount or to donate other amounts or for lottery subscriptions please enter the amount manually. Thank you.

Bike Rides

Cycle Ride  Cycle Ride Cycle Ride 


Salsa Events

Salsa Dancing Salsa Dancing Salsa Dancing