The Blessing Is Next To The Wound

A Conversation with Hector Aristizábal About Torture and Transformation. Diane Lefer interviews Aristizábal about his remarkable journey from the violence, crime and oppression of Colombia, to his work with torture survivors, gang members, prisoners, AIDS patients, and low-income immigrant families,  as a therapist in California.

The man with 42 hours to get home

In the course of a month, Peter Hodes plans to visit Poland, Israel, Germany and South Africa. Wherever he goes - even Australia - he always makes sure to get home in 42 hours or less. The reason? He's a volunteer stem cell courier.

Life Story of Simon Stevens

Independent Dysability Issues Consultant, Trainer, Controversial Inclusion Activist and Social Change Agent

Freedom 2014 - Your Art & Paintings

BBC News in Pictures article and slideshow; March 20th 2014.

Jeff Ragsdale: The man who gave the world his number

When Jeff Ragsdale went through a difficult break-up last year, he found himself isolated and alone in New York City. Desperate, he put his phone number on a flier along with a simple message: "If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me." He posted copies all across the city, and waited. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of calls coming from across the US and around the world. Jeff and two collaborators then transcribed the conversations, text messages and voice mails, publishing them in Jeff, One Lonely Guy.

Life drawing to a close: my parents' final year

Cartoonist Roz Chast's graphic memoir of the decline and death of her parents was an attempt to record a hard and messy experience.

Meet the world's oldest hip-hop dance crew

Hundreds of hip-hop dance crews are heading to Las Vegas this weekend to compete in the World Hip Hop Dance Championships. But one of the groups performing already has an international title - that of the world's oldest hip hop group.

Amir Mehdi: Left out to freeze on K2 and forgotten

Amir Mehdi wanted to be the first Pakistani to scale the country's highest peak, K2, and as one of the strongest climbers in the first team to conquer the summit, 60 years ago, he nearly did. Instead he was betrayed by his Italian companions, left to spend a night on the ice without shelter, and was lucky to survive.

Turning your hobby into a business

For Alice Barrow and Tom Green, starting their own business was a natural next step.

A family business, they began making candles as a sideline, mixing the different colours, scents and waxes at home, and then selling the results in their spare time.

Parents Tell Their Daughter Not To Sit Next To This Man, But They Never Saw This Coming

“Tzafar” is a powerful short film directed by Nancy Spetsioti, a Greek filmmaker. The point of this film is showing racism is still a huge part of our society today, and it happens so often it’s considered normal. It’s sad to see the way that some people are treated just because of the color of their skin. The message of this video is powerful and memorable at the same time.

Want To Be Mentally Tough? Stop Doing These Five Things

There are a lot of ways to get stronger. Adding more resistance, adversity, or stress is one way, learning how to adapt to the challenge is another, and adopting dialectical thinking is another. Yet for all of these ways to get stronger, without removing the obstacles in our own approach to adversity, we will see little gain. So if you want to get stronger mentally, here are five things to stop doing right now.