Omega Chatterbox…we’re tackling loneliness one call at time

Omega Chatterbox Telephone Befriending Service

Chatterbox Action Against Loneliness Programme

A flexible, free, friendly telephone support programme; an Omega volunteer will keep in touch offering you:

  • A listening ear
  • A chance to find out more about local services
  • Help to access information and support

Not all unpaid family caregivers can get out and about to meet people. Former carers, the bereaved and other people who live alone or who are in crisis can also find it difficult to keep in touch with friends and family and sometimes they can find it hard to make new friends. The Omega Chatterbox Action Against Loneliness Programme recruits, trains and supports volunteers who really understand the issues faced by caregivers, former carers and people living on their own. If you would like to try the programme or you just want to find out a little more about it please get in touch.

Could you spare time to talk?

What is Befriending?

Omega Chatterbox carefully matches selected volunteers with a client who needs someone to listen and talk to.

Interested in Volunteering?

Would you like to make a real difference to someone who would appreciate more contact? Do you have a little spare time? This ‘home’ volunteering role is worthwhile and rewarding. For more information please take a look at our Chatterbox leaflets for volunteers and beneficiaries or download the full job description.

For further information please get in touch via email at or phone 01743 245 088 for an informal chat

About Omega Chatterbox

Omega works with family caregivers, people nearing the end of life, the bereaved, socially isolated clients, the frail and elderly. Chatterbox provides:

  • a friendly, listening ear
  • an opportunity to enjoy a regular telephone conversation with an Omega befriender
  • a means to reduce social isolation
  • an opportunity to reduce loneliness
  • a link with various sources of help and information

Who is the Omega Chatterbox Programme for?

There will be a time when most of us will need a little extra companionship. Even those with strong family ties and a close circle of friends can sometimes feel totally alone or in danger of becoming socially isolated. The Omega Chatterbox Programme provides a solution to anyone who would benefit from having someone to talk to, someone willing to listen, someone neutral, but someone who understands that life is not always easy. The Chatterbox Befriending Programme is flexible and aimed at anyone who feels they might benefit including those who:

  • suffer from social isolation or at risk of becoming socially isolated
  • lack social contact
  • have a caregiving role
  • suffer ill health or disability
  • are waiting to attend Omega facilitated bereavement sessions
  • are waiting to receive counselling
  • have completed counselling sessions and need extra ongoing support
  • have been released from hospital and need help to adjust to living independently again
  • are lonely and/or frail
  • need help to live independently for the first time

Omega Chatterbox Waitrose Wolverhampton Community Matters
Omega receiving a cheque from Waitrose Wolverhampton for £247; Omega volunteer Dilbag Randhaway pictured with Ranu Mall.

 Deska Howe and Elise at Tesco West Bromwich 2017
Deska Howe, West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre and Elise Outreach session Tesco West Bromwich 2017

Omega Patron Rose Davies with Carol Moody
Omega Patron Rose Davies completing an online training session with Carol Moody.

Omega Chatterbox Volunteer Telephone Befriender Jean Griffin
Omega Chatterbox Volunteer Telephone Befriender Jean Griffin, 
who sadly passed away in 2017.

Omega Christmas Selfie 2015
Henry Heath MBE, Chatterbox Co-ordinator Carole Markham, Chatterbox Manager Kylie Robson-Lee and Jean Griffin share a celebratory selfie.

Omega Chatterbox Waitrose Wolverhampton Community Matters
Omega receiving a cheque from Waitrose Wolverhampton for £260; pictured: Manjit Nijjar (right) with Adam Perry.

Omega Chatterbox Waitrose Shrewsbury Community Matters
Omega receiving a cheque from Waitrose Shrewsbury for £112; Omega Chatterbox Co-ordinator Angela Pollard (right) pictured with Sarah Lee. 

Omega Chatterbox Waitrose Sutton Coldfield Community Matters
Omega receiving a cheque from Waitrose Sutton Coldfield for £301; Omega Outreach Co-ordinator Stephen Caudery pictured with Laura Willis. 

Chatterbox Waitrose Cheque Presentation December 2013
Mike Willcox and Rhiannon Budden receiving a cheque from Waitrose Shrewsbury.

Omega Chatterbox Asda Chosen By You... Given By Us! initiative
Asda Old Potts Way Shrewsbury Community Life Champion Sarah Raven (centre) presented Omega volunteers Sheila Hughes and Mike Willcox with a cheque for £50 as part of the store’s Chosen By You... Given By Us! initiative.

Omega Chatterbox Waitrose Community Matters
Omega receiving a cheque from Waitrose Sutton Coldfield for £100; Omega Director Thomas Memery pictured with Community Matters Co-ordinator Louise Rainbow.

Omega Chatterbox Charity Cycle Ride
Cycle ride in aid of Chatterbox 2013; from left: Travel Shropshire Manager Ray Hughes, Urban Bikes' Phil Roe, Dilwyn Owen, Chatterbox Volunteer Befriender Mike Willcox.

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