Primary Care Snapshot

"Most dying today is not well managed. Instead, we are witnessing a rise in shameful forms of dying. It is not cancer, heart disease or medical science that present modern dying with its greatest moral tests, but rather poverty, ageing and social exclusion."

- Allan Kellehear, Professor of Sociology, University of Bath

Raising standards

The National Snapshot of End of Life Care in Primary Care, take in 2009, was the first of its kind. The snapshot includes information about 4487 deaths from 502 general practices in 15 PCT areas. Nine out of ten SHA regions are represented. Facilitated by Omega, this audit was funded by Primary Care Trusts and the NHS National End of Life Programme, with contributions from the GSF, The Evidence Centre, and The University of Birmingham.

Practices used an online version of ADA (After Death Analysis) to submit data on all deaths occurring between February and March 2009. The objective was to evaluate the range of primary care services available to people nearing the end of life.


National Snapshot of End of Life Care; Key Findings

National Snapshot of End of Life Care; Executive Summary

Practice Report Example

PCT Action Notes Template

Practice Action Notes Template

Predicting Death: Estimating the proportion of deaths that are 'unexpected' - a report by the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network