ABC of Palliative Care

Book edited by Marie Fallon and Bill O'Neill. User friendly guide to the palliative care of patients with incurable diseases, taking a practical, easy to follow approach to this complex subject.

A-Z of Medical Writing

Book by Tim Albert. The purpose of this book is to help doctors and other health professionals with their writing problems. It consists of several hundred topics, from the process of writing to authorship, and from the use of semi–colons to the law of late literals. These are arranged alphabetically, with extensive cross referencing and, where appropriate, lists of books that the author has read and recommends. The book will provide concise, practical information about how to tackle any form of writing required of health care professionals.

Basic Resources in Death and Bereavement

Article by John D Springer.

Befriending Networks

Charity providing information and support for new and established befriending projects, helping them to develop effectively and efficiently by sharing experience and practice between projects.

BERR: Transitioning high risk low income borrowers to affordable credit

Authoritative report from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform; of benefit to those working with low income families and providing money-management and debt advice.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Membership organisation setting standards for therapeutic practice and provides information for therapists, clients of therapy, and the general public.

Care Quality Commission - Our intelligent monitoring of GP practices

In our intelligent monitoring work, we use readily available national datasets for NHS GP practices relating to important areas of care. We look at 38 indicators to help us decide when, where and what to inspect.

Cancer from Cure to Care

Book by David Jeffrey. When a patient needs specialised palliative care, the GP can lose touch, and can feel divorced from the palliative care system. Using many actual quotes from practising GPs, this book highlights the dilemmas faced by GPs struggling to provide high standards of palliative care in the community.

Carers Direct Review 2012: "Review of national arrangements for providing information and advice to carers"

Published August 8th 2012; Department of Health assessment of the online information resource, Carers Direct.

Caring Conversations - Older Family Carers of People with Learning Disabilities

Practical guide to effective communication between health professionals and cares of older people, reflecting their specific needs.

Caring for the Dying at Home

Book by Keri Thomas. Aiming to strengthen the role, confidence, systems and skills of primary health care teams (PHCTs) for the delivery of palliative care and patient support, this is a comprehensive resource book to support and enable primary care professionals to make improvements in the care provided for their patients.

Caring with Confidence Resources

Delivery materials for the carer support programme, now hosted by the NHS Choices website.

Centre for Death and Society

The Centre for Death and Society (CDAS) is the UK's only centre devoted to the study and research of social aspects of death, dying and bereavement. Established in September 2005, CDAS is an interdisciplinary centre of regional, national and international importance. It provides a centre for the social study of death, dying and bereavement and acts as a catalyst and facilitator for research, education and training, policy development, media, and community awareness.

Children and Young People Now

News and information for everyone working with children, young people, and families.

Chronic and Terminal Illness: New Perspectives on Caring and Carers

Book edited by Sheila Payne and Caroline Ellis-Hill. Holistic approach to care, for professionals.

Communicating with Dying People and Their Relatives

Book by Jean Lugton. Exploring the emotional problems patients, relatives, close friends and professionals experience and the support they need when someone is dying, this book focuses on the skills required to support the patient and to provide pre- and post-bereavement counselling for relatives.

Consortium of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Voluntary & Community Organisations

National specialist infrastructure and membership organisation, focusing on the development and support of LGBT groups, organisations and projects; so they can deliver direct services and campaign for individual rights.

Could offices change from sitting to standing?

A number of studies have suggested that constantly sitting at work is bad for you. So could workplaces be rejigged around standing up, asks would-be stander Chris Bowlby. Medical research has been building up for a while now, suggesting constant sitting is harming our health - potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes.

Criminal Justice - working with people with autism

All criminal justice professionals may come into contact with people on the autism spectrum, many of whom may be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Here you will find information about autistic people, tips for initial police contact, interviews and court appearances, ways that parents and carers can help, and where to find further information and training.

Crossing Over - Narratives of Palliative Care

Book by David Barnard et al. Case narratives following individual patients and families throughout the course of illness and death in the context of hospice and palliative care. Using a variety of qualitative research methods, including participant-observation, interviews, and journal-keeping, the experiences, perceptions, and feelings of the patient, the family and a range of caregivers are recorded, providing multi-textured narratives.

Department of Health

Read about what the government is doing about long term health conditions.

Desperately Seeking Sympathy

BBC Radio 4 broadcast available on iPlayer; Why would a perfectly healthy person pretend they had cancer? Or pretend that were pregnant with a foetus that could not survive long after birth? Munchausen's disorder has been known about for years but it's spread to the internet. People are constructing elaborate false identities, faking medical misfortunes and then posting online support forums. Few forums have escaped the imposters in what has become an epidemic of fakery.

Dialogues in Dying: End of Life Care

DVD and booklet by Connie Wiskin. Visual, interactive training experience, linking with supportive care frameworks to improve this difficult and highly sensitive area of communication. The DVD contains filmed scenes illustrating a range of challenging dialogues between health workers and a patient and his family through the journey of his terminal illness, the accompanying booklet highlights communication issues with suggested exercises, reflection points and advice.

The Dignity in Care Network

SCIE's Dignity in Care guide been designed for people who want to make a difference by improving standards of dignity in care.

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust Service Guides

The Trust has produced two new guides detailing all of the services they provide and how these may be accessed.

End of Life Care Patient Charter 2011

Developed by the Royal College of Nursing & Royal College of General Practitioners.

Engage Toolkit

Supporting black and minority ethnic family carers; a resource for practitioners. This site has been funded by the Department of Health in order to provide an understanding of the needs of black and minority ethnic family carers and best practice support.

FactCheck: Is loneliness worse than smoking?

Article by Patrick Worrall, Channel 4 News, 10th February 2012.

Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

Book by Stephen C Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen. In this engrossing parable, a fictional manager has the responsibility of turning a chronically unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team, based on lessons learned from the world famous Pike Place Fish market in Seattle.

Health and wellbeing boards - System leaders or talking shops?

Article by Richard Humphries et al.

Holistic Approach to ME/CSF

Article by Jonathan Lawrence, Positive Health Online.

John Cacioppo: ‘Loneliness is like an iceberg – it goes deeper than we can see’

Article by Tim Adams, The Guardian, 28th February 2016

Learning disabilities good practice project report

Report by the Department of Health; provides examples of services that improve the health and lives of people with learning disabilities.

Loneliness Resource Pack

A set of resources produced by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to help individuals, groups, communities and neighbourhoods take a closer look at – and to reduce – loneliness.

Minor eye conditions services (MECS)

If you have had a recent eye condition this service can assess and treat you. MECS (previously known as PEARS) is a free service available from accredited opticians in Wolverhampton.

National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC)

Umbrella charity for all those involved in palliative, end of life and hospice care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Believes everyone approaching the end of life has the right to the highest quality care and support, wherever they live, and whatever their condition. Works with government, health and social care staff and people with personal experience to improve end of life care for all.

No Regrets

DVD film by Amanda Waring. One of several DVD’s and training packs around dignity in care.

On Death and Dying

Book by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Compassionate discussion on communicating openly with the dying patient.

The Oxford Book of Death

Book edited by D. J. Enright. An anthology of poems and prose.

Paediatric Palliative Medicine (Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics)

Book by Richard Hain and Satbir Singh Jassal

Palliative Care in the Home

Book by Derek Doyle and David Jeffrey

Palliative Care: Core Skills and Clinical Competencies

Book by Linda L Emanuel and S Lawrence Librach

Palliative Medicine: Expert Consult

Book edited by Declan Walsh

Patient Voices

A project to collect and distribute digital stories of patients to develop more patient-shaped healthcare.

Planning Together - The Art of Effective Teamwork

Book by George Gawlinski and Lois Graessie

Primary Palliative Care: Dying, Death & Bereavement in the Community

Book by Rodger Charlton

QISMET - Quality Institute for Self Management Education and Training

Assisting commissioners and providers in defining who really is a 'quality provider' of today's self management support services. Download introductory leaflet here.

Regional Carers Offer for the West Midlands

Report which sits within the wider context of the Care Act and summarises those rights; it includes links to guidance and protocols which provide more detail on how local authorities and their partners should meet their new responsibilities.


Works with children and adults with learning disabilities, their families and supporters, aiming to lessen the effect of abuse or trauma, through psychotherapy, advocacy, campaigning and other support.

Rosetta Life

Gives voice to those with serious illness, who are often marginalised and isolated. The use of film and media for health advocacy is central to all Rosetta Life projects. A collection of Rosetta Life films can be viewed on the website. Useful evidence for training and care education.

Safe Haven: Transforming Relatives Room

Article by S Bird et al, featured in Nursing Times. Discusses providing best environment for relatives of those hearing bad news or dealing with end of life issues.

Shropshire Voluntary & Community Sector Assembly

The Shropshire VCSA brings together a diverse range of groups maximising energy, ideas and resources to provide a strong collective voice.

Skills for Care

Ensures that England's adult social care workforce has the appropriately skilled people in the right places working to deliver high quality social care. Focusses on the attitudes, values, skills and qualifications people need to undertake their roles. Works closely with organisations that employ adult social care workers, together with people who use services, carers and other key partners to develop effective tools and resources that meet the workforce development needs of the sector.

Society of Bereavement Practitioners

The independent professional membership organisation for all working in any capacity with bereaved people and their families.

Special Educational Needs and Disability - A guide for parents and carers

This guide is for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25 years who have special educational needs (SEN) or a disability.

The guide describes how the new system that supports children and young people with SEN or disabilities, and parents, is intended to work.

The new system starts from 1 September 2014.

Supporting Carers - An Action Guide for General Practitioners and Their Teams (2nd Edition)

An online paper outlining ways to identify and help carers through the GP surgery team.

Supporting Lay Carers in End of Life Care: Current Gaps and Future Priorities

Article by G Grande et al, featured in Palliative Medicine Vol.23 No.4, June 2009.

Teaching Palliative Care

Book by David Jeffrey. Practical teaching techniques. Accessible, practical and easy-to-use, it should encourage busy clinicians to teach by increasing their confidence in their training abilities. It provides a resource of various tools and describes how to approach teaching in a team, planning, methods and evaluation.

Where There is No Doctor

Book by David Werner et al. Widely-used health care manual for work in developing countries. Information about recognising, treating and preventing common illnesses and injuries. Also covers home remedies, modern medicines, cleanliness, diet, vaccination, childbirth and family planning.

Understanding Depression

We all have low moods from time to time. Usually, the mood passes after a few days and we get back to our normal way of living. We may say that we have been 'depressed', 'down in the dumps', 'fed up' or have had the 'blues'. But low moods like this are not what doctors call depression. Writtern by Dr Kwame McKenzie ISBN-10: 1903474353

A Simple Guide to Asthma

Writtern by Dr Eleanor Bull and Professor David Price ISBN-10: 190546620X

Thyroid Disease - The Facts

Disorders of the thyroid gland are common. Worldwide, some 200 million people have enlargement of this gland. As people with thyroid disease begin to know more about their disorder, they are able to cooperate better with treatment and their anxieties about the problem can be significantly reduced. Writtern by R.I.S Bayliss & W.M.G Tunbridge ISBN-10: 0192629468