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We continue to help learners acquire low cost reconditioned machines and software. We are now looking at ways to overcome the broadband affordability barrier.

Can you help us identify the best value broadband service provider to beat the Best Buy rates advertised on the popular consumer finance website Money Savings Expert?

Please send details to: Subject: #BroadbandOmegaPriceChallenge

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Making the Most of Your Money

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Computing with Confidence

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Caring with Confidence

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Coping beyond bereavement

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Paint BrushesAs our project developed we were asked to facilitate an array of activities which included creative writing, poetry, hairdressing, knitting, yoga, cookery, photography, pottery, debating, letter-writing, reflexology and sugar craft. Individually, demand was fairly low, but the range of topics covered is evidence that such creative activities can provide worthwhile respite opportunities for family car-givers and the people they look after.

Notwithstanding practical hurdles, the best way we can attempt to deliver some of these is to bring creative people together and give them the opportunity to try things out. We have invited beneficiaries to send us their ideas as to how we might, in future, take things forward. Creativity Drop-in sessions are held on Wednesdays in Shrewsbury between 10:30am and 12:30pm with a view to sharing ideas with members of the Omega Network via an initiative we have called Showcase, which embraces a virtual shop, a gallery, a volunteer recruitment facility and a means to promote Special Interest Meeting Point Support Groups.