Volunteer of the Month: Sponsored By Our Commercial Partner EDSB

Omega volunteers are special people. Talented volunteers work alongside our tiny staff team and bring a wide range of skills and experiences. We welcome applications from colleagues of all ages and backgrounds, who have professional or personal experience of some of the many difficult issues faced by Omega clients. 

In June 2019, Omega commercial partner, EDSB Group, agreed to sponsor our new Volunteer of the Month initiative.  Each month, colleagues, clients and delivery partners are invited to choose a volunteer who has made a significant impact towards our important work.  We present one of the nominees with an Omega certificate of achievement, a gift card, an Omega Lottery subscription and a suitable gift.


May 2021 - A Letter from Louise Pen Pal Jane (Shropshire)

April 2021 - Chatterbox Befriender Anne (Shropshire)

March 2021 - Jill Pow (Scottish Borders)

February 2021 - Tooba Khan (Shropshire)

January 2021 - Michaela Reuss-Daters (Derbyshire)

December 2020 - Sharon Chapman (Lichfield)

November 2020 - Jim Dutton (Walsall)

October 2020 - Jo Davies (Shropshire)

September 2020 -Terry Williams (Shropshire)

August 2020 - Howard Rutherford (Shropshire)

July 2020 - Jim Dutton (Walsall)

June 2020 - Helen Page-Croft (Shropshire)

May 2020 - Sue Pearson (Shropshire)

April 2020 - Paul Glanville (Shropshire)

March 2020 - Peter Bond (Shropshire)

February 2020 - Liz Feldman (Warwickshire)

January 2020 - Helen Harris (Shropshire)

December 2019 - Anna-Marie Loader (Hampshire)

November 2019 - Scott Chiossi (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2019 - Ricardo Alonso (Castilla, Spain)

September 2019 - Gillian Grason Smith (Warwickshire)

August 2019 - Carol Moody (Shropshire)

July 2019 - Maggie Kristiansen (Sefton)

June 2019 - Juliet Rutherford (Shropshire)

Left - Juliet Rutherford; Right - Carol Moody with Director Thomas Memery



Sponsored by EDSB Ltd Group of Companies

Nominate a volunteer!

To nominate an Omega colleague, please download and complete a nomination form and submit it to Volunteer of the Month Award, Omega, London House, Town Walls, Shrewsbury, SY1 1TX or send an email to: community@omega.uk.net. Name the person you would like to nominate and explain how they have made a significant contribution to our work. The names of recipients will appear on this page.

Interested in volunteering with Omega? Head to our Volunteers page to find out more, or contact us at volunteersupport@omega.uk.net or call 01743 245 088.

We are committed to continuous improvement and aim to make Omega the destination of choice for reliable, compassionate people with sound judgment and a little spare time to devote to our important work.  We give Omega volunteers opportunities to work closely with clients, colleagues and delivery partners.  We encourage them to make decisions and to accept responsibility for aspects of our work.  If you have the skills and enthusiasm needed to make a worthwhile contribution, in whatever stage of life you find yourself, we can probably find a suitable role for you.